Why Christmas is Evil... and why I love it.

Jesus was black, Jewish and born in March. He has very little to do with the modern abomination of church and idolatry that claims to celebrate his birth.

Rather Christmas is a pagan holiday, and if you follow the ten commandments - a sin if you celebrate it.

Why? Because it is idolatry to worship Saint Nicholas. That is what the modern pagan holiday of Christmas really is. Nothing more than good old fashioned idolatry.

With greed and gluttony tossed in as well. And if you add in lust - songs like Santa Baby, etc - well that just makes it an even bigger mockery.

Pagan holidays are all about partying, getting drunk, eating a lot, sex, greed, gluttony, etc. Hence why Christmas is a pagan holiday.

In which case I must admit I rather enjoy it. If anything we should have MORE pagan holidays.

And we do. Easter, Halloween, New Years, St Patricks Day, Valentines Day - they're all pagan holidays. None of them are remotely pure or virtuous. And they have almost nothing to do with religion or the occult. It is basically just an excuse to eat, drink and party.

And I must admit these are some of my favourite holidays. Any excuse to drink alcohol and eat lots of chocolate, huzzah.

And this is why most people even celebrate these holidays in the first place. Because it is a party and a celebration. If there was no celebration people would treat it the same way they do religious holidays like Lent.

What do you do for Lent? You give something up that is a vice. Like giving up smoking or giving up reality tv. Nobody celebrates Lent. Most people don't even consider it to be a real holiday because they don't get the day off from work.

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