Frigusphilia is a fetish whereby you enjoy having sex in cold showers, having sex in the snow, that sort of thing.

Having sex in a cold shower actually comes with a long list of health benefits. It burns calories, boosts the immune system, stimulates muscle growth and testosterone levels in men, increases sperm count, boosts metabolism and energy levels and a whole bunch of side benefits for your health.

See a list of the health benefits by reading the article Cold Showers Burns Calories.

The thing is when you consider all the health benefits, especially for men, I am surprised married couples aren't having cold showers together more often.

Just the hormone / testosterone boost alone helps to boost muscle growth, which means every man looking to build muscle should be standing in line to take a cold shower.

Let alone have sex in a cold shower! If you've ever done that then you know it feels absolutely amazing. After awhile you don't even notice the cold water, it just feels refreshingly cold.

And while we are at it having sex also boosts your immune system, metabolism, and so forth, thus having sex in a cold shower should be a health boost double whammy.

And seriously, do you really need more encouragement to have sex?

Also discovered something interesting... Hot baths apparently work as a contraceptive. It lowers a man's fertility to the point that if a man takes a 30 minute hot bath every day for 3 weeks his sperm count drops to almost zero. The heat from the hot baths kills sperm. Takes about 3 weeks to wear off too, so if you want to increase your sperm count and make babies its time to start having cold showers.

So yeah... Frigusphilia. Its a good thing!

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