Idiots and Bigots at Work

Ever has an email argument with an idiotic bigot?

You know what I mean. The kind of uneducated right-wing bigot who is most likely a Nazi sympathizer.

Eg. Yesterday I had an argument with an American bigot who was complaining about Canada's laws prohibiting the publication of hate literature. Why? Because he apparently thinks racist writings are a good thing - as if you can't find lots of that online anyway.

I chalk that up to America's problems with the KKK - which despite being labeled an illegal terrorist group continue to pubish and distribute their beliefs freely.

Could you imagine if an Al-Qaeda sympathizer had been spreading hate literature in the USA after 9/11? That would have been a guaranteed arrest and thrown in Guantanamo.

But since the KKK is seen more as a bunch of idiot rednecks with the combined IQ of Sarah Palin the end result is that most people don't take them seriously. They're too much of a joke.

So terrorist group schmerrorist schmoup.

Its amazing the FBI / CIA / Homeland Security has never launched a large scale plan to arrest all the KKK leaders.

Or maybe not. They are after all, pretty ridiculous. The leader of the KKK uses the title "Grand Wizard". Which is to say that they use a title so nerdy that they sound like a bunch of LARPers...

Live Action RolePlayers. They dress up in costumes and play with padded swords.

So knowing that its very difficult to take them seriously.

Which is exactly what you should do the next time you get in an argument with an idiotic bigot - laugh at them.

And then block their email address so you don't waste any more time on morons.

Interesting Point - If you compare IQ testing scores for state by state averages, the states with the lowest IQ scores are also the states which spend the lowest amount of money on education - and they're home to the most rednecks. Proof that low education = ignorant idiots.

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