List of Toilet Phobias

NOTE - This isn't one of my normal topics. I just felt it was funny.

Common Toilet Phobia - Parcopresis / psychogenic fecal retention, whereby the sufferer is unable to defecate unless they have a certain level of privacy. Its called "Common" Toilet Phobia because it is surprisingly common.

Commodaphobia - One who is afraid of toilets in general and avoids them entirely.

Toilet Germophobia - The fear of unsanitary toilets which might have feces or urine on the seat.

Some of these below don't have real names... but they are real phobias. I have a few of these myself. Some of them are pretty common.

Shitmypants Phobia - The fear of needing to get to the toilet and not getting there on time. This fear is intensified when you have diarrhea.

iSplash Toilet Phobia - The fear of dropping your iPhone or other precious item in the toilet.

Splattermatterphobia - The fear of what may be on the underside of the toilet seat in a public bathroom.

Recycled Toilet Water Phobia - The fear that the water from the toilet is somehow immediately recycled and made into your drinking water.

Monster Toilet Phobia - The fear that the toilet is an animated monster and might try to eat you. A phobia more commonly experienced by children.

Piranhas in the Toilet Phobia - The fear that piranhas or aligators might somehow come up the pipes and attack you.

Toilet Seat Up Phobia - The fear of falling in the toilet because someone left the seat up and then getting stuck in there permanently.

Oh Oh No Toilet Paper Phobia - The fear of running out of toilet paper when you need it most.

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