Male Forgetfulness / Distractions at Work

I am feeling guilty today because I forgot something important yesterday - and I am in the proverbial doghouse today because of it.

Now I admit I was very busy working yesterday plus I am suffering from an allergic reaction to a bee sting that has me limping everywhere.

But I still should have remembered.

I admit it. I am not making up excuses. Yes I was super busy. Yes I was distracted from the pain I was in. But I still should have remembered.

Think of the worst thing you could forget about when it comes to your wife or girlfriend, and there you go. That is what I forgot.

Even if you are thinking of the same thing I am thinking of you should still be: "Oh!!!!! Yep, you totally should not have forgotten that! You're pretty dumb to forget that!!!"

So apparently I am pretty dumb.

And I feel really guilty and bad about it. Moron me forgot something this important.

Next week...

Apologies at Work. How to Apologize for being a Braindead Boyfriend.

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