Top Ten Tips to End Rape

Top Ten Tips to End Rape

It is my personal opinion that men who have to resort to rape are not real men. They are cowards who deserve to be shunned / treated like psychopaths.

Drugging a woman's drink? Cowardly. Any man who does such a thing should be drugged and left naked in the desert.

Stalking women who are walking alone? Is your personality so repulsive you can't meet women the normal way?

Date rape? Seriously. Wait til the third date like a normal person and if she doesn't want to go back to your place then you should just give up.

It is mindboggling that we even have to discuss this. It should be a no brainer. Would you want your mother raped? Your sister? Your daughter? Then don't rape someone else's mother, sister or daughter.

To do so is to ignore that a woman is still a person - and to any rapists who read this I hope she claws your eyeballs out and you end up being the only blind man in prison (a place where men rape other men on a regular basis).

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