The 30 Day Squat Challenge

I came across the image on the right while I was researching exercises for parkour.

And two things popped into my head when I saw this image:

#1. Wow. She has an amazingly round bottom.

#2. Why is there no male equivalent of this?

The last one is what got me thinking about how this image is basically geared towards women, not men. It is aimed at women who want a sexier bottom. Sure, men enjoy looking at the bottom in question, but ultimately it is geared towards women who feel insecure about looks.

In contrast when was the last time men were made to feel insecure about their looks? For me I think it was a recent family gathering in which several relatives mocked my new beard - which was bizarre because from friends and strangers I have nothing but really nice comments on my beard - my girlfriend has even taken to calling me "Mr Sexy Beard".

So honestly, family comments aside, I don't have a problem with my beard or my looks. But beyond that recent thing I am trying to think of another incident when I felt insecure about my appearance.

Doubtlessly many men feel insecure about their appearance on first dates, during job interviews, when they are camera shy because something about their appearance isn't currently up to snuff.

But I have yet to see an image, similar to the one above, which deliberately hones in on male insecurities about their appearance. If you can think of one please post a comment below.

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